International Shipping
Barrels and Drums

Vibes Express Shipping: New England to the world!

We provide international shipping to the Caribbean Islands, UK, & some parts of South & Central America. Our partners provide domestic shipping services throughout the United States. We also deliver and pickup containers, drums, and both plastic and fiber (brown) barrels in Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire and Vermont. Need to ship to the Caribbean? We are the most affordable in the area!

Why Choose Us?


Competitive Pricing

Low shipping rates from New England to anywhere in the US and the most cost effective way in New England for shipping your items to the Caribbean Islands.


Extended Family

Our connections are your connections. Our network of domestic and international carriers gives you more access to affordable shipping solutions.


30 Years of Experience

Vibes Express Shipping is a part of a family of shipping companies that have been serving the Caribbean community since 1989.

Need commercial grade drums and storage products?


Vibes Express is linked to one of the top 4 suppliers of storage products in New England. From Honey and Cider to chemicals of all kinds. Have drums you want to dispose? Our partner also recycles drums and totes.

Chemical and food grade drums and containers

Steady supply of reconditioned metal and plastic drums

Shipping to anywhere in the US!

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